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Birds of Prey

Watch magnificent birds of prey and owls in the picturesque surroundings of the North Yorkshire countryside. Interact with them and see them hunt with their handlers. The birds, including peregrine falcons and eagle owls, will fly to you and land on your protected arm. A really exciting and educational experience and a rare chance to spend time with these majestic creatures. You will equally enjoy exploring North Yorkshire, one of England's most beautiful and pristine 'shires'.
North Yorkshire
2 to 10 people
2 hours
Price by request
This story was designed to be part of a longer customised itinerary and cannot be booked as a standalone experience. Once selected, the concierge team will work with you to build a suitable program of minimum two days that will include this story.


Group size: 2 to 10 people Prior Experience: No specific experience or knowledge is required Family Friendly: Yes, families are welcome

Timing & Duration

Duration: 2 hours Timing: 10am to Noon


Etiquette: Please follow instructions very carefully, these are wild animals that must be handled with care and respect What to wear: Comfortable walking shoes and warm, casual clothing What to bring: No special requirements. Don't forget your camera and spare batteries, plugs may not be available


Frequency: Can be operated daily Lead time: 1 week

Small Print

Cancellation: This story is designed to be part of a longer itinerary. Cancellation conditions will apply as per the complete itinerary, please contact us for details Modifications: Modifications are possible subject to case by case review and approval, and cannot be guaranteed. Surcharges may apply No Show: No refund


Wild countryside with rolling hills
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