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Garry Kasparov, Chess Legend

Enjoy a wonderful evening with a fascinating and legendary strategist: Garry Kasparov is a Russian pro-democracy leader, global human-rights activist, business speaker and author, and former world chess champion. Mr Kasparov is available for intimate gatherings, or can be part of your event as a guest speaker. Most recently he has released his highly acclaimed book, 'Winter is Coming' and is guaranteed to make your evening with him highly entertaining!
1 to 50 people
3 hours or more
Price by request
This story can be aranged as a standalone experience or we can organize it as part of a longer customized itinerary our team would craft for you. Once selected, the concierge team will work with you to discuss and plan a suitable program as per your requirements


Group size: 1 to 50 people Prior Experience: No specific experience or knowledge is required Family Friendly: This story is mostly suitable for adults but when accompanied by adults, we can organize private events that are suitable for teens as well.

Timing & Duration

Duration: 3 hours or more Timing: TBA to TBA


Etiquette: This event's dialogue and content may venture far outside the bounds of chess alone, please come with an open mind What to wear: Casual wear What to bring: No special requirements. Don't forget your camera and spare batteries, plugs may not be available


Frequency: Year round, by request and subject to Mr Kasparov's availability Lead time: 1 month

Small Print

Cancellation: Please inquiry, may vary depending on date and scope of the event Modifications: Modifications are possible subject to case by case review and approval, and cannot be guaranteed. Surcharges may apply No Show: No refund
Garry is available to appear in most European countries
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